Patient testimonial

I am so pleased with Dr. Rassoulian and his staff! Debi was very knowledgeable and professional and handled all of my many questions with kindness and confidence. Dr. Rassoulian and his associate were fabulous. They made me feel relaxed and more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. They were both very gentle and extremely kind and the procedure was virtually painless. They both explained the procedure and kept me updated as each step was completed. I never could have imagined saying this after a root canal but this was one of the best dental experiences I've ever had.  I recommend this team highly and wouldn't consider having another procedure like this, by anyone else. Thank you so very much to the staff and Dr. Rassoulian!


Debra N. January 3, 2011

I found the experience to be a pleasant one, considering it was a root canal. The staff are fantastic here and I would recommend their services to anyone  who asks.

Ray J. April 29, 2009

Doctor Rassoulian gave me a great experience in explaining what he was doing to my tooth.  Doctor was very gentle, also so was his assistant.

Patti S. April 30, 2009

 I am a big motorcycle riding tough guy that was always nervous about this procedure!  I would 100% recommend anyone to come here.  Great experience, wonderful staff and amazing doctor!

Justin G. May 21, 2009

 Dr. Rassoulian is a very good Dentist.  The Root Canals I had, were painless.  He is very informative about the process.  I give him two thumbs up.

Sean B. May 28, 2009

 This was one of the best dental experiences I have ever had...I actually fell asleep during my root canal!  Dr. Rassoulian made me feel relaxed, he was as gentle as possible and I felt I could trust him. 

Robin M. June 19, 2009

 Dr. Rassoulian and his staff are very patient and pleasant.  They almost make root canals pleasant!

Teresa B. July 2, 2009

 I sincerely recommend Dr. Rassoulian and his wife, also a dentist, for root canal work.  They answered all my detailed questions about the procedure using my Xrays and a model to explain the steps. I received a follow-up phone call the next day too.  I'd do it again, but hopefully not for a few years!

Marcia M. July 3, 2009

 Dr. Rassoulian was wonderful.  He explained every step of the procedure and made sure I was comfortable and informed.  The procedure was painless, fast and he is the best!

Lauren C. July 8, 2009

 I had to have an emergency root canal.  I was in such intense pain.  I was referred to Dr. Rassoulian's office.  He is one of the most caring, gentle dentists I have ever had.  He is excellent at what he does.  I would advise everybody to use him because he is extremely professional, gentle, kind and can do an excellent job.

If I ever need another root canal, he is the doctor I would see.  I give him an A++++++ - he is the best.

Nancy K. July 15, 2009