Office policy

Our Policies

Patient Care

We provide surgical, non-surgical treatment and retreatments for adult patients starting from 14 years and older.


We understand that your time is valuable and will make every effort to provide services in a prompt fashion. We strive to provide our patients with undivided attention and provide care to the best of our abilities. We do not double-book patients.

In exchange we expect that you will be present for your appointment at the agreed upon time that has been established for you.

We understand that scheduling conflicts occasionally occur and would appreciate at least 24-hour notice if cancellation of your appointment were necessary. Not showing for appointments is incompatible with the high quality nature of our practice and may result in our being unable to provide you with care.


Office Financial Policy

On your first visit we provide endodontic evaluation. This will consist of an examination and testing, discussing likelihood of maintaining the tooth and treatment options available to you. If there are no scheduling conflicts and remaining time permits, treatment may be initiated during the same visit.

To minimize your first office visit, please provide us with your insurance information when you call to make an appointment. This will insure us with an opportunity to verify coverage and notify you of your portion of your out of pocket co-payment.

For your convenience we provide a number of payment options that may be used individually or combined according to your wishes.

If we provide treatment:

Those without dental insurance: You can inquire from our front office about applying for Care Credit.

Those with PPO insurance: We will estimate the portion your insurance will pay. Since this varies for each individual, ususally 25-75% of the cost of the procedure may be your responsibility and will be required at the time of service. We will bill your insurance for the remainder of the payment for you. Please keep in mind however, insurance companies routinely indicate that coverage verification does not guarantee payment.


          NOTE: If your insurance company does not reimburse us after

                     two  submissions, then  you will be responsible for the 

                     remainder of the balance.

If in question please call the office to verify that we are a  participating provider with your insurance company.

Those with HMO Insurance   On the day of your appointment please bring your referral slip from your general dentist.  Without the referral slip we are not able to provide the treatment needed.  On the date of service your co-payment will be due.

If in question please call the office to verify that we are a participating provider with your insurance company.